Display Settings

You can click the button on the right bottom corner of the 3D View and 2D View to open the display settings panel, which contains the options that control how content displays. These options are also available in the View menu. Please note that the options make no effect in the print result, they are only used to assist in editing.

3D View

2D View

Hide Objects

Unfolder allows you to control the visibility of objects in the 3D vYou can change document settings in the inspector. Units: The units used in the document. You can set the default units in the Preference. Scale: A scale factor used to control the size of your papercraft. For example, the model is a cube with side length 2, and you set the Units to centimeters and the Scale to 5. The finished papercraft will be a cube with side length 10cm. You can also set the scale more intuitively by typing the dimensions you want in the text fields below. Paper Size: Choose a standard paper size, or choose Custom and type the dimensions you want. You can set the default paper size in the Preference. Flap: Add the flaps on the edges that need to be glued together. You can also assign the flap color by using the following color well. Join ID: Add the paired numbers on the edges that need to be glued together. You can also change the font, size, and position of the numbers by using the options below. If Skip Confusing IDs option is checked, all the numbers like 6, 9, 66 or 99 will be skipped. Texture: Fill faces with diffuse color or texture.iew. This would be helpful when editing the obscured objects.