Edit Patches

Split and Join Patches

How each face are joined together determines if a papercraft is easy-to-build. Unfolder will try to join faces in the best way when unfolding. If you are not satisfied with the program-produced result, you can manually split and join faces with Join Tool:

If the Explode after Splitting option in the inspector is checked, the patches will move a short distance in the opposite direction after splitting. Otherwise, they will stay in place.

Move Patches

A patch can be moved by dragging, no matter which tool you are using. With the Select Tool, multiple patches can be moved together by selecting them at first. Holding down the shift key while dragging will constrain the movement to a particular axis.

To move the patches to the same position on another page, hold down the option key while dragging. You can also hold down the option key and press an arrow key to move them to the adjacent page.

You can use the following ways to arrange the selected patches:

Rotate Patches

To rotate the patches, select them with the Select Tool and drag the white rotate handle on the middle top of them. Holding down the shift key will constrain the rotation to 15° increments. To rotate patches by 90°, choose EditRotate 90° CCW (Q) or EditRotate 90° CW (W), or click the or button on the toolbar.

In many cases, you may want to rotate a patch to make some lines match the axis. You can do it in the following steps:

  1. Drag the rotate center to a vertex. The rotate center will automatically snap to nearby vertices.
  2. Move the mouse to another vertex. The rotate handle will follow the cursor and automatically snap to nearby vertices.
  3. Drag to rotate the patch. The line between the rotate center and the rotate handle will snap to the axis automatically.

Lay Out Patches

Creating a paper-saving layout by hand is time-wasting. Unfolder provides you a feature to lay out patches automatically:

  1. Choose EditAutomateLay Out Patches, or click the button on the toolbar and choose Lay Out Patches to open the settings panel.
  2. Adjust the settings:
    • Quality: higher quality gives a better result but takes more time.
    • Page Margin: the minimum distance between the patches and the edges of the page.
    • Patches Spacing: the minimum distance between each patch.
  3. Click the Lay Out button.

Only the selected patches will be laid out. If nothing is selected, all patches will be laid out.