Insert and Update Objects

Instert Objects

You can use the following ways to insert the objects in a .obj file:

You can also insert objects from another Unfolder document (.ufd file). In this case, the unfolded objects will add to the current document without re-unfolding.

Update Objects

Unfolder allows you to update the inserted objects using a modified .obj file. Unfolder will only re-unfold the modified parts to avoid losing the editing you have done in the unmodified parts. You can use the following ways to update objects:

Remove Objects

To remove objects, select them with the Select Tool and choose EditDelete (⌘⌫). If an object consists of multiple patches, all of them must be removed together. You can select all patches in the same object by choosing EditSelect Linked (⌘L).

Unfolder Sync

Unfolder Sync is a plug-in for Blender and Cinema 4D, which allows you to send objects to Unfolder without need to export the .obj files.

To download the plug-in, choose UnfolderUnfolder Sync Plug-ins…, choose the 3D software you are using and click the Download button.

You can install the plug-in for Blender in the following steps:

  1. Open Blender's preferences (EditPreferences…).
  2. Switch to Add-ons tab.
  3. Click Install… button and choose the downloaded plug-in file.
  4. Check the checkbox before the list item to enable it.

You can install the plug-in for Cinema 4D in the following steps:

  1. Open Cinema 4D's preferences (EditPreferences…).
  2. Click Open Preferences Folder… button.
  3. Move the downloaded plug-in file into the plugins folder.
  4. Restart Cinema4D.