Move Patches

Patches can be moved by dragging, no matter which tool you are using. With the Select Tool, multiple patches can be moved at once by selecting them at first. Holding down the shift key while dragging will constrain the movement to a particular axis.

If you want to move some patches to the same position on another page, hold down the option key while dragging. You can also hold down the option and press an arrow key to move them to the adjacent page.

Align and Distribute Patches

You can align or distribute the selected patches in the following ways:

Lay Out Patches

Creating a paper-saving layout by hand is time-wasting. Fortunately, Unfolder can do it for you automatically. Choose Edit > Automate > Lay Out Patches or click the button on the toolbar and choose Lay Out Patches. Then Unfolder will reveal a dialog to let you set the page margin and the spacing between the patches. After you click the Lay Out button, all the patches will be laid out in a split second.

If only some of patches need to be laid out, select them at first.