The Style option appears in the Inspector when the Select Tool or the Subselect Tool is activated. You can use it to change the appearance of selected edges and flaps.

You can also create new linestyles or edit the existing one. Click the button to open the Style Manager panel. All the styles you have created are listed on the left. You can add, remove and duplicate styles by clicking the , and button below the list. On the right, you can set the color, thickness and dashing of the selected style.

By default, edges will be displayed in a fixed thickness, which is not affected by the zoom factor. It helps you see the edges more clearly when editing. To preview the actual thickness, turn on the Print Preview.

Hide Edges

Sometimes there are edges you don't want to see. To hide them, select them with the Subselect Tool and check the Hidden option in the Inspector.

Check the Show Hidden Edges option if you want to edit the hidden edges.

A more convenient way of hiding edges is by using angle. Choose Edit > Automate > Set Edge Visibility by Angle or click the button on the toolbar and choose Set Edge Visibility by Angle. Then Unfolder will reveal a dialog to let you set a threshold angle. An edge will be hidden If the absolute difference between its angle and 180° smaller than this threshold. You can preview the result in real-time as you drag the slider.

If only some of edges need to be hidden by angle, select them (or select the patches which contain them) at first.