To change the appearance of lines, select the patches with Select Tool, or select the edges and flaps with Subselect Tool, then choose the style you want in the inspector.

The style is a preset of the color, width, and dash type. These properties are specified separately for each line type— cutting line, ridge fold line, and valley fold line. A line will use the settings that corresponds to its type.

Unfolder allows you to create, delete and edit styles. Click the button in the inspector to open the style manager panel. All the styles in the current document are listed on the left, and you can adjust the properties of the selected style on the right.

By default, the lines will be displayed in a fixed width, which is not affected by the zoom factor. It helps you see the lines more clearly when editing. To preview the actual width, turn on the Print Preview option in the display settings.

Hide edges

To hide edges, select them with Subselect Tool and check the Hidden option in the inspector. The hidden edges are unselectable by default. To select and unhide them, you need to check the Hidden Edges option in display settings.

In most cases, you don't want to print the edges with the fold angle close to 180°. Unfolder provides you a feature to hide these edges easily:

  1. Choose EditAutomateSet Edge Visibility by Angle or click the button on the toolbar and choose Set Edge Visibility by Angle to open the settings panel.
  2. Choose a threadshold. An edge will be hidden if the absolute difference between its fold angle and 180° smaller than this threshold. You can preview the result in real-time as you drag the slider.
  3. Click Done button

The modification only applies to the selected edges. If nothing is selected, it applies to all the edges.