View Settings

You can click the button on the right bottom corner of the 3D View and 2D View to open the View Settings panel, which contains the options used to control how data appears. All these options are also available in the View menu.

3D View Settings

Show Hidden Edges:



Highlight Backface:

Which side is backface depends on the face normal direction.

Up Axis: The axis points up.

2D View Settings

Print Preview Mode: If checked, all the unprintable elements will be hidden, and the edges will be displayed in the actual weight to give you a preview of what the printed page will look like.

Show Hidden Edges:

Show Pages:

Show Flap Targets: Show the area where a flap should be glued to.

Highlight Overflow: Highlight the patches which partially outside of a page.

Highlight Overlap: Highlight the patches which overlap with other patches.

The printed or exported templates are not affected by the view settings. More specifically, the hidden edges, the flap targets, the pages and all the highlights won't appear on the printed or exported templates.