Edit Flaps

Switch, Add and Remove Flaps

The flaps are used to help you glue the split edges together. You can decide where to place the flaps by using the Flap Tool. The tool has two modes: switch mode and add/remove mode. You can switch the mode in the inspector.

In switch mode,

In add/remove mode,

The add/remove mode is only used for some special cases. Please be careful when using it, because removing necessary flaps may cause the papercraft cannot be built.

Reshape Flaps

You can use the following ways to reshape flaps:

Unfolder also provides some features to help you reshape flaps more efficiently:

Optimize Flap Shape

It's important to choose an appropriate shape for flaps because they would collide when gluing if they are too large. You can turn on the Flap Targets option in the display settings to check if any flap has problems. In most cases, you don't need to fix the problems by hand. Unfolder provides you a feature to automatically optimize the flap shape to avoid the collision:

  1. Choose EditAutomateOptimize Flap Shape, or click the button on the toolbar and choose Optimize Flap Shape to open the settings panel.
  2. Choose the flap height you want. This value is a maximum value, the height of some flaps could be set to a smaller value if it leads to the collision.
  3. Click the Optimize button.

The optimization only applies to the selected flaps. If nothing is selected, it applies to all the flaps.