Part ID and Join ID

You can enable the part ID and join ID in the Document section of the inspector. By default, the IDs are automatically assigned unique numbers. To change the IDs, select a part or edge and type the number in the Part ID or Join ID field in the Selection section of the inspector. You can also uncheck the checkbox before the field to hide the IDs.

Sort IDs

Unfolder allows you to sort the IDs into a specific order.

  1. Select the parts or edges you want to change the IDs, or select nothing if you want to change all the IDs.
  2. Click the button on the toolbar and open the Sort Part IDs or Sort Join IDs panel.
  3. Adjust the settings:
    • Sort by / Then by: the sort order.
    • Start ID: the smallest ID.
    • Skip confusing IDs: skip the numbers such as 6, 9, 66, and 68.
  4. Click the Sort button.